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6 Times Ayesha Omar Did Justice To Tena Durrani’s Formals

 This girl knows how to turn heads over.  

Ayesha Omar is undeniably beautiful! And when her beauty is combined with Tena Durrani’s flawless formals we can’t help but say,

“You’re just too good to be true,

Can’t take my eyes off you”- Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Muse


Tena is known to play with colors and create formals and bridals that always melt our hearts. With their exquisite detailing, spectacular silhouettes and vibrant hues, these apparels will mesmerize you too! Scintillating and absolutely breathtaking these bridals are beautiful! Her awe-inspiring dresses are particularly preferred by the gorgeous Ayesha Omar and for all the right reasons too! These dresses and Ayesha Omar are a match made in heaven and we are suckers for marriages like these! Be it in a shoot or a friend’s wedding, Ayesha rocked these formals every single time!

Here are 6 occasions on which the Ayesha Omar carried off these formals like a diva!













We hope that you like these 6 dresses on Ayesha Omar as much as we did! More beauty than you can handle? We couldn’t agree more ladies!

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